“Dance The Night Away” Breaks TWICE’s Record For Most MV Views In 24 Hours… It Didn’t Even Take 10

It took less than 10 hours.

ONCE’s showed they are not kidding around when it comes to all out support for TWICE’s first ever summer comeback with “Dance The Night Away”, and it’s most definitely showing.

TWICE Makes Their 1st Ever Summer Comeback With “Dance The Night Away”


In under 10 hours, ONCE’s have made “Dance The Night Away” TWICE’s most viewed music video in the first 24 hours of release, and there’s still 14 more hours to go!


TWICE’s previous record for most music video views in 24 hours was for their last comeback title track, “What is Love?”, which received 12.5 million views. Up next for ONCE’s is the goal to surpass BTS’s 20.9 million views for “DNA”, 35.9 million views for “FAKE LOVE”, and BLACKPINK’s 36.2 million views for “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.


Watch their latest music video below, and a Korean fanboy’s first, live reactions to their beautiful music video.

Watch Koreans React To TWICE’s New MV “Dance The Night Away”