“Dance Prodigy” Na Haeun Makes Her First Appearance As An SM Entertainment Trainee, Shocking Netizens With How Much She’s Grown

Could the now 13 year old be debuting as an idol any time soon?

Despite not being an idol or an actress, one of the most well-known people in K-Pop is young dancer Na Haeun. The young dancer has always shined for her impeccable dancer covers of K-Pop idols.

K-Pop dancer Na Haeun | SM Entertainment

On her YouTube channel Awesome Haeun, Na Haeun wowed netizens with her amazing dancing skills from such a young age.

Whether it’s male or female idol dances, she has proven time after time that she deserves the title of “Dance Prodigy.”

Na Haeun dancing to TWICE’s “The Scientist” | [Awesome Haeun]어썸하은/ YouTube
Na Haeun dancing to SEVENTEEN’s “Rock With You” | [Awesome Haeun]어썸하은/ YouTube   
She has also melted the hearts of idols over the years, wowing them at award shows, like the Mnet Asian Music Awards, with covers of their tracks.

Na Haeun making TWICE fall in love with her “Heart Shaker” cover at 2017 MAMAs | [Awesome Haeun]어썸하은/ YouTube
BTS’s Jimin reaction to Na Haeun at 2018 | [Awesome Haeun]어썸하은/ YouTube   
Earlier in the year, Na Haeun’s dance academy founders announced that she had joined SM Entertainment. The academy founders told the journalist that their academy had sent many students to famous companies, the most recent being Haeun.

The two [founders] have lots of experience fostering kids who dream of becoming an idol through the academy they started. Their most representative [student] is Na Haeun, also known as “Awesome Haeun,” famous for being a dance genius. Na Haeun, from Park Sung Ho’s kids academy, has recently become a trainee at SM Entertainment.

— Kstarnews

Interview snippet from Kstarnews that was later cut out. | Kstarnews via theqoo

Although the sentence about her acceptance into SM Entertainment was later deleted from the article, it seems like it might have been done to secrecy issues surrounding her life as a trainee. Yet, it was later confirmed by SM Entertainment that the young dancer would be joining the company after signing an exclusive contract.

Well, after almost five months, netizens were shocked after SM Entertainment finally released a video with Na Haeun’s first appearance as an SM trainee.

In a new video on the SM Audition Instagram page, there was a short video of Na Haeun looking all grown up and worlds away from the little girl who was doing covers in front of idols.

| @smaudition_official/Instagram 

The company later released more shots of Na Haeun when showing a tutorial on how to apply to become a trainee at the company.

| @smaudition_official/Instagram

| @smaudition_official/Instagram

| @smaudition_official/Instagram      

When the video was shared online, netizens couldn’t believe just how much Na Haeun had grown, sharing their shock that she was actually now 13 years old. Many also shared their pride in seeing the journey the young dancer has taken, with their thoughts on her possible debut.

Whether Na Haeun will eventually debut in a girl group like aespa or debut as a solo artist like BoA, or even start a new trend for SM dancers, her future is bright. It is crazy to see just how much Na Haeun has grown, and she will definitely continue to shine as part of SM Entertainment.

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Source: @smaudition_official and @privhyuck