Dance School Classmate Reveals NCT’s Shotaro Was Top Of His Class

Top-class act.

Two new members Shotaro and Sungchan have joined NCT for the NCT 2020 project and fans are impressed with their charms and talent. One of the members, Shotaro, who was born in 2000, received much praise for his dancing skills.

Shotaro was also TikTok user who shared his dancing talent online. His talent really shined during his first live performance after just three months of training at SM Entertainment.

This comes as no surprise as he was a part of a famous dance group in Japan before being scouted by SM to become a K-Pop idol. Below is a clip of him pre-debut.

Just take a look at some of his dancing!

His neck isolations are no joke!

But honestly, the talent just oozes out of him even in this short clip.

How is this a debut performance?

Dance break with center Shotaro is everything.

The swag tho.

Even a fellow dance school classmate posted about Shotaro being top of his class back in Japan.

Shotaro was top class talent at was the face of our school. He danced as the back dancer for many artists including GACKT. His dance was not off but rather another level in terms of isolations, toe techniques, and overall groove. He was also very sweet and gentle and treated everyone equally.

⁠— Dance classmate

He was a person who genuinely loved to dance and continued to work hard. That’s why I understand why he was recognized by SM and put in NCT. I feel that you will also understand why too after seeing him on stage. Shotaro dances brightly on stage like the happiest person in the world. He is also someone who will be motivated by the others in NCT and grow even more. He is a really amazing person so I hope that the fans who are supporting Shotaro now will continue to stick by him.

—Dance classmate

Watch the official fancam below for the full effect!