THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Explains Why He Asked Fans Not To Release A “Dangerous” Photo

Thankfully, he had nothing to be worried about 😂

THE BOYZ‘s Younghoon, Eric, and Sunwoo were the most recent guests on The K-Star Next Door, hosted by TV personality and actor Jonathan Thona.

(From left:) Jonathan Thona, THE BOYZ’s Younghoon, Eric, and Sunwoo | @IST_THEBOYZ/Instagram

On The K-Star Next Door, viewers never know what to expect as Jonathan Thona hilariously questions idols on a variety of keywords during his K-Profile segment.

As he questioned Younghoon about his preference not to wear pants and Eric’s preference not to wear a shirt, the rumor of Sunwoo’s “photoshopped abs” picture was brought up.

THE BOYZ recently made their comeback with “Lip Gloss” on August 7 and stunned netizens with their fun summer concept photos, in which many of the members were without a shirt.

| @IST_THEBOYZ/Instagram

Jonathan Thona showed the members the photo in question, which came from day 1 of their THE BOYZ 2ND WORLD TOUR : ZENERATION concert in Bangkok.

Sunwoo explained that he “plays the one with no muscles in the group,” so during the moment the fancam captured, Sunwoo was intentionally flexing to show that he does, in fact, have muscles.

However, when fans released the fancam moment, Sunwoo hilariously admitted that he thought fans photoshopped it to enhance the appearance of his muscles.

He realized later that the picture was not photoshopped…

… but not before he hilariously asked fans not to show the original photo if it WAS edited because he didn’t want to know the truth.

When Jonathan brought this to Sunwoo’s attention, he confirmed he asked that of fans. He jokingly added that it would be “dangerous” if there were an original photo to show.

But there was no “original” photo to show; Sunwoo’s abs were real.

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