Chris S. Lee to produce new movie “Escaping North Korea” starring Daniel Dae Kim

It has been revealed that Hollywood actor Daniel Dae Kim is set to star in and lead a new memoir film Escaping North Korea, based off the true stories of Mike Kim.

Daniel Dae Kim and his CBS-based production team 3AD are set to partner with Sriram Das’ Das Films to create this feature film.

Escaping North Korea details the stories experienced by Mike Kim as he led thousands of refugees out of North Korea in an Underground Railroad fashion. Through his four years spent on this mission, Mike Kim was exposed to the many thoughts and stories of the North Korean refugees. The courage and inspirational backgrounds of many of these individuals has been portrayed in his book.

Rosalind Ross will pen the adaptation while Chris S. Lee, founder and co-CEO of Be Funny Studios, will produce. Haroon Saleem will executive produce.

Source: Deadline and Escaping North Korea Website