Daniel Henney cast in upcoming CBS “Criminal Minds” spinoff

Korean-American actor Daniel Henney has been cast in the upcoming spin-off of popular American police-procedural television show Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds is a popular American television show airing under broadcasting station CBS that follow an FBI team specializing in behavioral analysis to catch serial criminals. The original show had previously attempted to release a spin-off show titled Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior in 2011, but was unfortunately cancelled after a 13-season episode due to low ratings.

As the original show enters its 10th season, Criminal Minds will once again attempt to debut a spin-off. The pilot of the upcoming spin-off has been planned to air in a Criminal Minds slot during its 10th season.

The currently unnamed spin-off will feature an FBI team who helps American citizens who find themselves in trouble overseas.

Leading this team is actor Gary Sinise as Jack Garrette, with Daniel Henney playing the part of expert profile Matt Simmons, a charming family man who grew up abroad as an “army brat” and readily embraces and explores different cultures. Deadline further describes Daniel Henney’s role as “the kind of guy you would follow into battle, and his split second profiling skills honed on the battlefield make him a crucial part of the team.”

Other actors who have been confirmed to have a role in the upcoming Criminal Mind spin-off team includes Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) and Tyler James Williams (The Walking Dead).

Source: Deadline and Digital Spy