Danwon High School homeroom honors classmates from Sewol in class photo

One of Danwon High School’s homeroom classes recently shared their classroom photo, not forgetting their classmates who fell victim to the tragic Sewol incident.

Posted on Sirgle and Nate Pann community boards on March 5th and titled “Danwon and half of the student group photo,” the classroom photo featured 17 well-dressed students in their uniform posing uniformly against a yellow background.

Not forgetting their classmates who died in the tragic Sewol accident in April 2014, the students held 13 framed photos of their former classmates.

Even more heartbreaking was when a netizens revealed that the male student at the bottom right held a photo of his girlfriend. The student continues to cherish her memory by having her photo on his Kakao profile, even celebrating their 100th day together by himself.

Source: Sirgle and Nate Pann