Sandara Park Responds To Rumours Regarding 2NE1’s Disbandment

Sandara Park clarified that there were no misunderstandings between the members that caused the group to disband.

In a recent interview, Sandara Park clarified that there were no harsh feelings between the members when 2NE1 disbanded. In the interview, she first expressed her appreciation of being able to work as a singer again for her upcoming movie One Step, saying,

“The songs for One Step are perfect for my image and vocals. But it was actually really hard to sing them. When I was in 2NE1, I was doing the exciting rap parts. So when I was singing the first verse of this song, I thought ‘I’m ruined’. I went to the practice room and practiced a lot, I had to change a lot from what I was used to.”

Sandara Park 

Sandara Park also expressed her feelings about 2NE1’s disbandment and clarified any misunderstandings that may have appeared in articles following the disbandment, saying,

“Things have changed a lot since last year. Starting from 3 years ago I was worried since I thought ‘I can’t spend my entire life with these friends anymore.’ I was really sad when the disbandment became reality. The articles may have said there were misunderstandings between the members which led to the disbandment, but that’s not true. The relationship between the members has not changed at all.”

Sandara Park 

Sandara Park finally talked about how Minzy supported her movie, revealing,

“Even though Minzy couldn’t make it to the movie premiere because of her schedules, she has been cheering me on. I really like the Japanese movie “Midnight Sun”. Minzy said that my movie “One Step” has the same feeling as the movie I like. That comforted me a lot.”

Sandara Park 

Source: Herald Pop