Sandara Park Reveals She’s Stressed Because She Can’t Get Any Fatter

She’s tried everything but it just won’t happen.

Dara revealed that while her peers are trying to lose weight, she wants to gain a few pounds to appear more healthy.

CL previously mentioned that since Dara used to weigh only 39 kg (~86 lbs), that all the 2NE1 members constantly had to be on a diet to appear even remotely close to Dara’s petite figure.

CL Reveals She Was Forced To Diet Because Dara Weighed Only 39kg

But Dara explained that she often gets stressed out for being too slim and she even tries to eat junk food, but is just unable to eat in large portions.

She hopes to become 42~43 kg someday, which is just about 95 lbs!

“My goal is to reach 42 or 43 kg! ”

— Sandara Park

While they empathized with her, Jung Hyung Don and Def Con joked that if they could step in to organize her meal plans, they could help her reach her goal in no time!

Source: TV Report