Filipino Singer Darren Espanto Gains “Squid Game” Actor Wi Ha Joon’s Attention With His Perfectly Similar Halloween Costume

Their resemblance is uncanny.

Halloween 2021 celebrations all around the globe featured Squid Game references, the hottest Netflix show of the year. Celebrities and regular folk alike dressed up in their iconic green tracksuits, the doll’s yellow and orange dress, and of course, the pink outfits of the guards who managed the games.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
Red Velvet’s Seulgi | @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

One of the costumes that stood out to actor Wi Ha Joon, who played policeman Hwang Jun Ho in the show, belonged to none other than Filipino singer Darren Espanto. He wore the iconic pink tracksuit and triangle helmet.

Wi Ha Joon | Netflix
Darren Espanto | @Espanto2001/Twitter

From the angles of the photos he uploaded online, it’s hard not to see how similar their features are.

| @Espanto2001/Twitter
| @Espanto2001/Twitter

Their resemblance is uncanny!

Wi Ha Jun | @wi__wi__wi/Instagram
| @Espanto2001/Twitter

Soon after Darren Espanto went viral, his photos were noticed by Wi Ha Joon himself. He even ‘liked’ Darren’s Instagram post, something he took note of in his Twitter account.

No WAAAY! Wi Ha-Joon liked my post!!!

— Darren Espanto

Wi Ha Joon didn’t just see the artist’s post itself, but also allegedly an Instagram Story from a fan of the two. Darren jokingly wondered why the Korean actor viewed the photos from another account—but at least they were seen in the first place!

So why didn’t he view the stories in my own account? HAHAHA just kidding.

— Darren Espanto

What did you think of his Halloween costume?

| @Espanto2001/Twitter
| @Espanto2001/Twitter
Source: Twitter