Darren Wang Spotted Entering Hotel With A Woman Who May Or May Not Be Kang Han Na

Darren Wang responded to reports.

Darren Wang was reportedly spotted entering a hotel with a woman in Shanghai, China.

According to Chinese media outlets, Darren Wang had spent the night with the mysterious woman.


Darren Wang apparently enjoyed a meal with staff members and friends after an event. Darren Wang, a short-haired woman and a long-haired woman with a black cap were reportedly spotted going back to a hotel together on this night.


After a while, the short-haired woman left the hotel, leaving Darren Wang and the long-haired woman to spend the night together.


Some have been suspecting that the woman, who had long hair and was wearing a black cap, was Korean actress Kang Han Na, who was previously spotted with Darren Wang on multiple occasions.


While they both the denied dating rumors, they were spotted together all around the world including in Japan, Taiwan and even Italy.


The woman who was seen entering the hotel with Darren Wang recently, however, had hair that came down far below her shoulders while Kang Han Na, who is currently filming the Korean drama Designated Survivor, has shoulder-length hair.


Meanwhile, Darren Wang explained that the long-haired woman was his makeup artist and denied the alleged relationship.

Source: TV Report and Weibo