Darren Wang Suspected Of Being Involved In Seungri Scandal After Canceled Press Conference In Korea

The film production clarified the situation in a statement.

The press conference for Fall in Love at First Sight in Korea with Taiwanese actor Darren Wang was canceled the day before it was scheduled to be held.

On March 21, the film production announced that the press conference was to be canceled due to internal matters.

We once again thank you for your interest in the Korea press conference of Director Frankie Chen and actor Darren Wang for the film Fall in Love at First Kiss, which was supposed to be held on the 22nd. Due to intermal matters, the press conference has been canceled.

ㅡ Love at First Kiss


Darren Wang was expected to arrive in Korea on the 21st and participate in greeting sand broadcasts until the 24th ahead of the film opening on the 27th.

The cancellation of the press conference has caused some to believe that the Taiwanese actor is correlated to Seungri’s scandal. Photos of the two taken together have been resurfacing and rumors claiming that Darren Wang was involved in the “Seungri Gate” have been spreading.


In response to these rumors, however, the actor’s agency released an official statement on March 14 stating that he had nothing to do with Seungri’s scandal and threatening to take legal action against those who spread false rumors.

The groundless rumors that have been spreading online are not true. Darren Wang is completely irrelevant to the issue of the Korean celebrity Seungri. Darren Wang and Seungri are simply friends. We will protect his rights and interests by taking legal action against those who spread groundless rumors through the media and internet.

ㅡ Darren Wang’s agency


On March 21, Darren Wang arrived in Korea and participated in a live broadcast that was scheduled for later in the afternoon. Soon after the broadcast, news of the canceled press conference was reported. He participated in his scheduled radio program at 9 pm and did not mention anything about his relation to Seungri.

An affiliate of Fall in Love at First Kiss clarified that Darren Wang did not request to cancel the event and explained that they were cautious about the fact that questions unrelated to the film may be asked.

(Darren Wang) is a guest who was invited to Korea to promote Fall in Love at First Kiss and so we were concerned about questions irrelevant to the film that may be asked at the press conference. Darren Wang’s statement (in regard to Seungri’s rumors) remain the same. He is expected to continue his other schedules in Korea.

ㅡ Fall in Love at First Kiss


Meanwhile, Darren Wang is expected to meet his fans through various events in Seoul from March 22 to March 24.

Source: Xportsnews