“BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Dating Me!” Rapper Swings Goes Viral For Publicly Yelling That He’s Dating The Idol — But It Isn’t What You Think

The rapper yelled out from the rooftop!

Rapper Swings confessed he would like to date BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

Swings | DongA Ilbo

On May 8, Swings appeared on a YouTube show. In the episode, YouTube character TANAKA (real name Kim Kyung Wook) visited Swings at his label. Not long after, TANAKA asked the rapper if there was someone he’d like to date.

TANAKA (left) |

Is there a woman you would like to date?


Swings, after being urged on from TANAKA, eventually relented and revealed who he had a crush on.

Fine. It’s BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

— Swings

TANAKA then used Swing’s belief in self-manifestation against him and ordered him to write that he was dating Jennie on a Post-it. Self-manifestation is the belief that one can make things happen by believing it will happen.

After, TANAKA took Swings to the roof, where he told the rapper to yell out his belief that he would date Jennie.

Yell out loud the fact that you are dating BLACKPINK’s Jennie.


Swings then yelled out “BLACKPINK’s Jennie is dating me!”

TANAKA then continued trolling the rapper by asking the rapper’s label employees if they knew that Swings was dating the idol.

Meanwhile, the rapper is currently the head of his label, IMJMWDP. He also founded rap labels, Minefield, Sugar Beats, and AP Alchemy.

You can watch the full video in the link below.


Source: wikitree
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