Dating Show Contestant Is Alleged To Have Knowingly Given Genital Herpes To His Ex-Girlfriend

I Am Solo responded to the allegations.

A dating show contestant on SBS and ENA‘s I am Solo is alleged to have spread STDs to his former partner.

Poster for I Am Solo | SBS

On an online community, a post titled “The I Am Solo Contestant Who Gave Me Traumatic Suffering” went viral.

In the post, the author alleges that she had contracted STDs from a contestant on a dating show and that she is revealing this in hopes no one else becomes a victim.

Recently I contracted STDs from a man in his 30s who appeared on a dating show involving non-celebrities. I have suffered tremendously due to this, and I am writing this to prevent any more victims.

— Netizen

The author then states that she was shocked and upset to see her ex-partner appearing on a dating show.

It was such a traumatic time for me, but I told myself that I was just unlucky and tried to console myself. However, I saw him recently on TV, and all the pain and mental suffering that I held down resurfaced.

— Netizen

The netizen alleges she had dated the contestant for over a year and alleges she had contracted the Herpes 2 virus, which is incurable. The netizen then states how hard it is for her to date, knowing she has to disclose to her future partners that she has the virus.

 (I contracted) the Herpes 2 virus. The virus can flair up anytime, and it isn’t curable. After learning this, I suffered physically and mentally and could no longer date freely. Because I have to disclose this to whoever I date moving forward, I suffered under immense stress mentally and had been depressed for a time.

— Netizen

The netizen further alleges that it was impossible for the contestant not to have been aware he had the virus due to the fact that he is currently in the medical field and had knowingly been intimate with the netizen without disclosing this fact. The netizen alleged when she confronted him about this, the contestant denied he gave it to her and suddenly broke up with her.

There is no way he didn’t know he had the virus as he is in the medical field, and without disclosing the fact he had the virus, we had intercourse, and I contracted the virus in November 2020. After we spoke about this but he became defensive and denied it, and not long after suddenly broke up with me.

— Netizen

The author then uploaded a diagnosis from November 25, 2020, as proof.

STD diagnosis | wikitree

Regarding this, I Am Solo stated they were looking into the matter.

We have asked the production team to verify the facts.

— I Am Solo


Source: wikitree and sports dong a