Davichi Member Kang Min Kyung’s Father And Brother Are Sued For Fraud

Her father has countersued for defamation.

Kang Min Kyung is in the news, this time for her brother and father, who are reported to have been sued for fraud.

Kang Min Kyung | @iammingki/Instagram

According to a February 6 SBS News report, the singer’s brother and father were sued for fraud and that they have denied the charges and countersued for defamation.

According to the report, Kang Min Kyung’s father and brother owned a real estate development firm.

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The report states that investors alleged that in 2017 the singer’s family members promised to develop land in Gyeonggi-do and were given a total of ₩1.20 billion KRW (about $962,000 USD) as an investment. The investors stated that the principal of an auction academy (real estate academy) had brokered the deal.

In the lawsuit, investors are reported to have alleged that the land was not developed as promised and was seeking restitution. The investors claim that the contract states that if the land is not developed within two years, the father and brother will pay investors double the amount of the original investment as restitution.

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Six years have gone by, and the land has still not been developed. After the owner of the auction academy, who brokered the deal, was arrested, the investors went to the singer’s father and brother to honor the contract. The investors alleged that Kang Min Kyung’s father then promised to compensate the investors with money or by land but has failed to deliver on that promise.

Kang Min Kyung’s father has since stated that the original contract was with the auction academy and that he didn’t know of the investors until they came to him asking him to honor the contract. He also  denied making any promises stating it was merely an idea that was stated while discussing options.

To begin with, I didn’t know who the (investors) were when I received the investment. I made the contract with the principal of the auction academy, but then people who I didn’t know came to me asking for money. I never made the promise. It was something that came up while discussing ideas.

— Kang Min Kyung’s father

Meanwhile, Kang Min Kyung’s father countersued the investors for defamation.


Source: sbs and wikitree