Davichi Reveals What They Dislike About Each Other After Being A Team For 10 Years

Even after working together for 10 years with incomparable chemistry, this duo still has some pet peeves about each other.

It has been 10 years since Davichi debuted with their first album “Amaranth” in 2008.

They are the longest-running female duo singer in Korea!


On Two Yoo Project Sugar Man, Davichi explained that they were able to promote together for such a long time because they’re so compatible music-wise and personality-wise.


However, after 10 years of working together, they are prone to have certain pet peeves about each other. Lee Haeri gets frustrated when Kang Minkyung keeps losing her phone!

“Kang Min Kyung has a habit of forgetting her phone so we often have to go back to get it.” — Lee Haeri


Minkyung didn’t take long to think of something either. She explained that Haeri gets hungry too fast.

“Just one or two hours after eating, she says she’s hungry again so we have to eat very often.” — Kang Minkyung


Despite these two having these small annoyances, no one can deny the chemistry they have after being an invincible pair for 10 years! Here’s to another 10 years!

Source: Instagram
Source: Dispatch
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