Davichi writes heartfelt message to fans ahead of comeback

On January 4th, popular duo Davichi hand-wrote a heartfelt message for the fans and posted it on their official Facebook page.

2014 was a year of uncertainty for Davichi and their fans, as the group parted ways with Core Contents Media and eventually settled down with CJ E&M. Ever since then, fans have been highly anticipating a full comeback for the group, and the girls decided send a message to the fans through a handwritten letter!

The letter reads as follows:

“FROM: Davichi

Hi! It has been a while.

Handwritten letter…it’s our first time. We’re a bit scared about writing word by word carefully with a pen. We wanted to wish everybody a happy new year and also wanted to talk a little bit about our upcoming album in a more meaningful manner, hence the written letter.

We wonder if everybody is having a good time. Everybody is in a festive mood due to the new years but we’ve been swamped the past few days preparing for our upcoming album release. Although it is a bit late, we pray that 2015 will bring all of you guys nothing but good health, happiness, and success.

Last year was a year of change for us and because of that our hopes for 2015 are high. As you all know, after moving to a new agency we’ve been working hard with our new staff members to bring you guys even better music. Perhaps because of that, our album release date is a bit later than our promised time, but you guys understand right?

As the years go by, the word ‘change’ has been on our minds a lot and change is a daunting prospect, but we have been focusing solely on our music to bring you guys the best possible. The album will be released on January 21st, so don’t go anywhere and wait for us a bit longer.

For eight long years, even without an official fan club, you guys have been with us and for that we are truly grateful. As a gesture of gratitude, I think we could keep our promise about the half-jokingly mentioned issue of an official fan club. You guys will believe and wait for that right?

Even as we write this letter, our hearts are bursting with anticipation to bring you guys our songs. You guys thanked us for singing at the concert, and we would like to thank you for listening to our music. As time goes by the love for Davichi might die down, but we promise to bring you timeless music that will be in your memories.

It’s upsetting to finish a letter without a P.S. right?

P.S. We will embrace you guys with music.


As mentioned in the letter, Davichi is planning on releasing their new album on January 21st. This will be their first album since their change of agency.