DAWN Doesn’t Know How To Date Secretly Without Getting Caught

And that’s okay!

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Following the last episode of Channel A‘s Heart Signal 4, a spin-off called After Signal showed what the participants were up to one month after the show ended.

“Heart Signal 4” Poster | Channel A

The three panelists for After Signal were writer Kim Eana, OH MY GIRL member Mimi, and singer DAWN.

DAWN | Channel A

Heart Signal is a dating show where eight single people live in a house together while getting to know each other to ultimately become a couple. If two people choose one another at the end of the show, they become a couple. This season, there were two final couples.

The first couple was a barista and café owner named Han Gyeo Re and a model who also works in branding at an architecture company named Kim Ji Young.

Han Gyeo Re (left) and Kim Ji Young (right) | Channel A

The second couple was strategist consultant Shin Min Gyu and model and casting agent Yoo Esu.

Shin Min Gyu (left) and Yoo Esu (right) | Channel A

There were speculations that these two final couples were dating in real life, and the After Signal episode revealed it was true.

Kim Eana mentioned that it is usually difficult for the final couples to date after the show because they need to avoid getting seen by the public. Even the production team tried their best not to have spoilers about the final couples leaked. The two couples revealed that they put a lot of effort into not getting caught for five months—from when they filmed the last episode to when it aired.

Channel A

In response, DAWN expressed his curiosity about how the Heart Signal couples dated in secret and compared it to how celebrities date.

When they become a real couple, they need to keep it a secret when meeting outside. So I was curious about that. It’s like how celebrities have a hard time dating.


Referring to the fact that DAWN is a celebrity who was in a public relationship, Kim Eana asked him if he “had a lot of know-how” on how to date secretly. DAWN responded with a simple answer.

Me? I got caught dating because I have no know-how.



After a brief moment of laughter, Kim Eana suggested DAWN learn some tips on how to date secretly while watching After Signal. He was open to learning.

I think it’d be good to learn. It’s better to know than not know.


DAWN (left) and HyunA (right) | @hyojong_1994/Instagram

DAWN was previously in a public relationship with singer HyunA until they amicably split in 2022.

Source: 하트시그널 라비티비/YouTube