HyunA And Dawn Reveal Their Favorite Parts Of Each Other As Girlfriend And Boyfriend

The epitome of couple power!

HyunA and Dawn held a joint showcase to celebrate the release of their individual single albums, titled “FLOWER SHOWER” and “MONEY” respectively.

During the showcase, the couple gushed on their relationship as colleagues as well as lovers! When asked what was his favorite part of HyunA, Dawn answered that it was the fact that he can respect her as an artist as well as his girlfriend.

It’s not easy to look up to your girlfriend but I respect her. I’ve watched her since I was a trainee, and I came to respect her for being humble and caring to her peers even though she’s a top star.

— Dawn


HyunA in turn revealed that she also has a lot to learn from him as a musician. She admires him for his musical talents and how his genre is completely different from hers.

It’s an embarrassing question.

First, there’s a lot to learn about music from Dawn. It’s amazing how he can think of even the smallest thing as music. I cry when I hear his music. His lyrics are so sad. I respect his completely opposite characteristic.

— HyunA


She also added that Dawn is great source of strength and support as a boyfriend. She confessed that he keeps her confident, happy, and well-supported!

My boyfriend Hyojung is a positive energy that always helps me trust in myself so that I never lose my confidence and keep smiling beautifully. He’s blunt but a dependable support.

— HyunA


Talk about the best power-couple in all of K-Pop history! Here’s to even happier and more successful years for HyunA and Dawn!

Source: Star News