“It’s Okay If I Lose Everything”—DAWN Reflects On What He Learned From His Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend HyunA

They broke up after dating for six years.

DAWN recently sat down for an interview with Billboard where he talked about his relationship with ex-fiancée HyunA.

DAWN and HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

The two were revealed to be dating back in 2018. They began seeing each other two years prior, having met as labelmates under CUBE Entertainment. HyunA was a soloist and former member of 4MINUTE while DAWN was part of PENTAGON.

| CUBE Entertainment

Unfortunately, their relationship was met with harsh criticism from netizens who found it unacceptable for K-Pop idols to be publicly dating. They were among the first to proudly confirm they were together despite their company saying otherwise.

We know that [our relationship] will stick with us but we both thought it would be difficult to see our fans on stage [if we didn’t announce it]. So we wanted to honestly tell our fans who have loved us and showed us their support, and present ourselves confidently and joyfully on stage.

— HyunA and DAWN

Though they broke up this year, they do not hold any hint of malice towards one another. This was evident in DAWN’s latest single “Dear My Light” which he released in April 2023. He candidly told Billboard that he wrote it as a reflection on his relationship with HyunA.

It’s a pretty direct reflection of how I was feeling when I was in love.


Calling it “the right way to love,” he looked back on their past with positive feelings.

I still believe that that’s the right way to love.


The lyrics of “Dear My Light” paint a clear picture of the depths of his love for the fellow singer. He sang about being ready to “lose everything” for her sake.

You know you were my everything
I was happy enough to forget myself
It’s okay if I lose everything
As long as I can see you dazzling


The two experienced extreme highs and lows as a couple, facing constant backlash from the public. DAWN realized that it was no hardship to be self-sacrificing if it secured HyunA’s happiness.

I heard someone say once that if you really love someone, then your brain oddly makes you think that your lover is actually you. So, you start cherishing them like you’re cherishing yourself.


The “DAWNDIDIDAWN” and “MONEY” singer added that he learned a great deal about himself from the last few years. He believes that selflessness benefits both people in a relationship, and so it wasn’t surprising that he was ready to risk it all for HyunA.

And so I believe that what I do for my partner is essentially what I’m doing for the two of us so that’s kind of my selfless attitude when I think about relationships.


Source: Billboard