DAWN Opens Up About Going Through Difficult Times After Dating News Revelation

He went through some very dark times.

DAWN opened up about his difficult times.

On November 13, DAWN made his first solo variety show appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star, and shared the advice Hyuna had given him before his appearance.


Hyuna gave me some advice. She told me to be careful about what I say [on the show].


When the MC Kim Gura told him to be comfortable and speak honestly, DAWN said that he’s not good at lying, and said that that was why he decided to go public with his dating news, because he felt like he was lying to his fans.


He also talked about how he went through a particularly difficult time after his relationship with Hyuna was revealed. DAWN started by saying that he’s very optimistic by nature, but felt extremely isolated and anxious at the time because people that he’d trusted the most had turned their backs on him and left him alone.


I tend to be very optimistic about things. Even if I fight with Hyuna, I get over it extremely quickly. Malicious comments don’t affect me all that much either.

But at the time, the people that I trusted and depended on the most turned their backs on me, so it was hard for me then. I felt like I’d lost everything, and even going outside filled me with worry because I was afraid someone would recognize me.


Despite their tough times, Hyuna and DAWN are now still going strong! They’ve made their new beginnings with “FLOWER SHOWER” and “MONEY” respectively, and are currently happily promoting their new music together!