DAWN Reflects On His Past Relationship With HyunA And How He Feels Post-Breakup

DAWN opens up about the feelings that inspired his new song.

DAWN recently made his first comeback under his new agency, AT AREA, after amicably parting ways with P NATION in 2022.

His new song, “Dear My Light,” immediately struck a chord with fans as they realized the sentimental lyrics spoke of his former relationship with HyunA and read like a letter. In a recent interview, DAWN revealed the meaning behind his “letter” and how he feels looking back on his relationship now.

DAWN’s “Dear My Light” concept photo | @hyojong_1994/Instagram

Rumors of DAWN and HyunA’s relationship began to swirl in 2018 when they joined with DAWN’s fellow group member at the time, Pentagon‘s Hui, to form the project group Triple H.

Pentagon’s Hui (left), DAWN (center), and HyunA (right) in 2018 | CUBE Entertainment

In August 2018, reports started to surface that the two labelmates were dating. Shortly after, HyunA and DAWN confirmed their relationship and joined P NATION, sharing the spotlight as an iconic couple.

After six years of being together and four years of sharing their relationship with the public, the two shocked fans when they announced their split in November 2022.

HyunA’s now-deleted Instagram post announcing their break-up | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

We have broken up.

We have decided to remain good friends and good colleagues from here on out.

Thank you for your constant support and for watching over us fondly.

— HyunA

Although they’ve parted ways, they’ve remained supportive of each other and have only had thoughtful and caring things to say about their former partner.

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

This continued with DAWN’s latest release, in which his lyrics speak of his past relationship lovingly, gushing about HyunA as his “light” that he wants to see dazzle more than anything.

You know you were my everything
I was happy enough to forget myself
It’s okay if I lose everything
As long as I can see you dazzling

— DAWN’s translated “Dear My Light” lyrics

| AT AREA/YouTube

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, DAWN opened up about his past relationship with HyunA and how he feels when he reflects on their time together.

DAWN confirms the song is about his former relationship and reveals that “Dear My Light” is like a letter to HyunA.

I met someone who was a great light in my life. This person was able to make my darkness become light again. It’s these sorts of experiences and feelings that allowed me to make this song. As I was writing it, I felt as if I was writing a letter to this person.


| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

DAWN acknowledges that even though he experienced the hardships and pain of a breakup, he cannot help but view his time with HyunA positively.

… the person that I loved most said they needed some time alone, so we were apart from each other. It was a hard time in my life, but now I see that hardship was what helped me clearly determine what path I needed to follow.


He heartwarmingly shared that traces of HyunA’s impact on his life will always remain, even if memories fade over time.

| @hyojong_1994/instagram

Obviously, what I experienced was a breakup. But this person was such a light to me that even now I remember them and our moments together fondly. These memories could become faint and disappear altogether later on, but I believe the traces of the person will always remain.


Netizens love to see the healthy and heartwarming support the two continue to show one another, which was evident after HyunA responded to the song with a post on her Instagram.

Check out HyunA’s post in the article below!

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Source: Teen Vogue