DAWN Reveals The Shocking Words Jessi Threw At Him During Their First-Ever Conversation

DAWN: “Hi” Jessi: “HEY YOU-“

DAWN appeared as the latest guest on Showterview With Jessi, and had everyone in splits when he revealed how his first-ever conversation with Jessi took place!

For this episode, the two hosted a “Relationship Counselling” centre, where fans and listeners of the show sent in their relationship troubles and asked for advice!

| Showterview With Jessi/ YouTube

The first concern that came to them was of a couple that had been together for 2 years, and were facing problems regarding communication; the partner of the one who sent the concern wanted them to be more active when it came to responding to texts and calling.

We’ve been dating for over two years and arguing over the call and text issue. My partner wants texting and communication pretty often, whereas to be frank, I’m too lazy and tend to contact only when I need my partner.

Jessi and DAWN, I’d like to ask your thoughts on the contact issue.

—Fan Question

As Jessi and DAWN discussed the concern, giving their own thoughts and opinions, the topic inevitably shifted to their first conversation ever, and DAWN revealed the interesting way the conversation went!

He revealed that HyunA was the one who introduced the two, and DAWN spoke to Jessi for the very first time over the phone.

Come to think of call and text, I was introduced to her [Jessi] over the phone. Back when we first talked over HyunA’s phone.


He further elaborated on the conversation, saying that he had called her to ask for help regarding some English lyrics in his solo debut song, “Money”.

Sorry to bother you, but my new song has English lyrics.

Would this be the right phrase?


And he then reenacted Jessi’s first-ever words to him, and left everyone in stitches with his spot-on imitation!




Watch this hilarious moment between the two from 3:06 onwards here!