DAWN Expressed His Undying Love For Girlfriend HyunA, But She Wasn’t Buying It

She sees right through him!

HyunA and DAWN, K-Pop’s hottest couple, may be deeply in love, but they also know how to keep things real!

DAWN (left) and HyunA (right) | @HyunA/YouTube

In a recent joint interview, DAWN sweetly revealed that he will never fall in love again if he and HyunA were to ever break up.

If we ever break up…I’m not going to fall in love, ever again.

— Dawn

The host gasped out loud the moment he heard those words and compared DAWN to actor Choi Soo Jong.

You’re so sweet. You’re like Choi Soo Jong.

— Host

Choi Soo Jong is known for his undying love for his wife, Ha Hee Ra. He continues to set the bar high for all Korean women.

Choi Soo Jong (left) and Ha Hee Ra (right)| @charitysj/Instagram

HyunA, on the other hand, didn’t seem to agree with the connection! She had a completely different reaction. With an unimpressed expression on her face, she lightly smacked DAWN on the arm.

He didn’t understand what he said wrong. He innocently cried out, “What?” But HyunA didn’t buy what he said for a single moment, telling him straight up to “stop this bullsh*t.”

The moment she said that, everyone on set cracked up—DAWN included!

The host even pointed out that HyunA had on a look of disgust, which she immediately changed to a smile like she herself didn’t notice it.

HyunA, your face is saying a lot of things right now!

— Host

Watch the hilarious moment in the full video below!

Source: YouTube