DAY6 aims to claim 2017 with this comeback strategy

With DAY6’s comeback confirmed, here are a few things that lie ahead come early next year. 

On December 29th, JYP Entertainment teased fans with a teaser that confirmed DAY6’s return. The teaser titled “Every Day6” followed a calendar format and confirmed a new song release and concert project for each month.

JYP Entertainment unveiled plans to release a track from DAY6 on the second week of each month from January to December. The first scheduled event is planned for January 5th with a pre-concert and will be followed by a song release the next day. A similar pattern follows from February onwards. The agency planned to release a new song and hold concerts every month to make 2017 DAY6’s year.

It has been almost ten months since DAY6 promoted. The group was active last March with the release of their album, Daydream. 

Are you ready for DAY6?

Source: XSportsNews