DAY6’s Jae Takes The Band With Him Even When He Travels Solo, And Now MyDays Are In Their Feels

He’s never really solo!

Recently, DAY6‘s Jae (also known as eaJ) has been preparing for 88rising‘s Head in the Clouds 2021 music festival.

The festival will be held in Los Angeles, California, and he will perform at 6:30 pm on Sunday. He joins a lineup of artists such as Joji, NIKI, CL, DPR LIVE, DPR IAN, keshi, Seori, Rich Brian, and more.

Yesterday, Jae updated fans with a travel update via 88rising’s official Twitter account. He couldn’t hide his excitement about the event as he told fans, “I’m so excited to be part of this weekend’s Head in the Clouds festival with 88rising…” 

Jae, who was born in Argentina, grew up in California. So, it’s awesome that Jae’s first concert in a hot minute will be back home!

Still, having lived in Korea so long now, he’s sure to experience jetlag. The time difference is no joke!

Of course, while it’s great being back home and performing again for the first time in forever, it’s definitely a different experience performing as a solo artist than as a group. While he might not physically have his members with him, he at least had some in spirit.

Jae at the airport. | @sweetpark_0915/Twitter

Fans realized that Jae’s luggage tag looked familiar…

Jje (left) and Pil (right) luggage tags | @sweetpark_0915/Twitter

It was his and Wonpil‘s respective character mascots from DenimalzJje (the chicken) and Pil (the rabbit)!

For those curious, these are an example of what some Denimalz luggage tags look like below:

| JYP Entertainment

Naturally, MyDays couldn’t help but get emotional about it! It’s so sweet that while traveling solo, he still has DAY6 represented.

The Head in the Clouds 2021 festival will be November 6 from 2 PM to 11 PM PST and November 7 from 1 PM to 10 PM PST at the Brookside at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California. It will be live-streamed via Amazon Music, Prime Video, and Amazon Music’s Twitch.

Source: Bandwagon Asia and @eaJFirst