Jay Park Once Privately Messaged DAY6’s Jae To Praise His Music

Here’s what he said.

DAY6‘s Jae once shared how respected rapper and producer Jay Park slid into his DMs to compliment his music!

In a past live broadcast of a video game, Jae expressed respect at Jay Park’s open and kind personality.

You know, the fact that people like Jay Park…respect to him for coming to people that he doesn’t even know.

— Jae

To further explain, he revealed how he was messaged privately and all but showered with compliments!

You know I’ve never met the guy in my life, and he went out of his way to DM me: ‘Yo! Respect the grind. Your music is sick. Great voice. It’s lit‘.

— Jae

Jae went on to describe the respect that grew in him for the rapper after their conversation, adding that he didn’t feel deserving of the high praise that he was given.

And I was like, ‘Damn, I kinda respect that‘. And he didn’t need to do that. Who am I? I’m a nobody. You know, who am I?

— Jae

Jae may think he’s a “nobody”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! The number of people he has inspired with his music would be too many to count…

…and who can forget how he has brought light to so many lives because of his humor and personality?

Jae deserves all the praise he’s been given since day one, including those from Jay Park. Now if only these two would collab!

Watch the full clip below.

Source: @JAYBUMish