DAY6’s Jae Shares Messages Park Jin Young Sent Him About Their Temporary Suspension of Activities

Yes, we’re crying but so are you.

It’s been a little over a week since My Days heard the devastating news that DAY6 will take a temporary hiatus from promotions due to health issues. As fans continue to support the band for a fast and safe recovery, Jae decided to share a heart-touching message that he received from his “leader”, Park Jin Young!

Jae left it sweet, simple, and to the point: “Our leader“. In the message, JYP compliments him on their latest hit, “Zombie”. Jae thanked him and humbly apologized for causing “problems” to their comeback and vowed to return asap.

Despite being one of the most influential businessmen in the K-Pop industry, Park Jin Young responded by emphasizing that health comes before business.

He opened up to Jae about how he also went through a difficult time in the industry and advised him to take care of his health while looking for the “true answer” in his life.

And yes, the world is ugly crying with emotions right now.

Jae had updated his fans a couple of days ago, reassuring them that the members are doing better and on their way to recovery. He hopes to join his fans once again when they’re healthy and safe.

Sending best wishes to DAY6 on their health and safety! My Days will be waiting patiently for their hardworking kings to return soon!

Meanwhile, did you get your daily dose of “Zombie” yet?