DAY6’s Jae Reveals That He Does Not Feel Like He’s Respected As A Musician Yet

He wants to be more than “the guy from DAY6.”

In the latest episode of DIVE Studios‘ podcast, How Did I Get Here?, DAY6‘s Jae and AleXa discussed adulthood with Korean American solo artist Sam Kim.

They also answered questions from listeners. One person asked, “What kind of person do you want to be?” 

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Jae revealed that there had been a couple of things that have driven him throughout life, such as anger and the desire for love and attention from others. He explained, “The attention part is kind of whatever now, but I want to be loved and respected by other people.” He said that’s one reason why he works hard on not only DAY6’s music but his solo songs as eaJ.

I think that’s why I’ve worked, or I’ve been trying to work harder on my music and show who I am as a musician and as a person because I want to be respected, and I’m sick of being the guy that’s like ‘That’s the guy from DAY6 on YouTube that goes hahaha.’

— Jae

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Although he feels like he has worked hard on his music, people still don’t respect him or don’t even recognize his name. He compared himself to American rapper Birdman, also known as Baby, who famously coined the expression, “Put some respect on my name.” 

You know, but like I’m here, and I’ve been writing music, but no one knows that, and I’m just like, ‘Oh, where the respect at?’

— Jae

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