DAY6’s Jae Reveals His Surprise Interaction With YouTube Legend PewDiePie

“It was funny.”

When it comes to celebrity interactions, DAY6‘s Jae had a close one that was memorable despite being so short!

| @thedivestudios/Twitter

As he and AleXa discussed Halloween candy in the DIVE Studios channel, the famed YouTuber with over 100 million subscribers entered the conversation.

| PewDiePie/YouTube

Jae revealed that he’s been “listening to a lot of PewDiePie“, so imagine his surprise when the online celebrity apparently entered his streaming account!

You know, I was in Discord the other day…in one of my Discords, and then PewDiePie came in.

— Jae

The singer explained how it happened: “Cause he was playing games with someone else on the upper, and then he was muted.

He found out about PewDiePie’s appearance through his viewers. Everyone in Jae’s streaming account was amazed that the gaming legend was among them.

And then, people were like, all of a sudden, everyone was like—cause you know how the bubbles pop out on Discord, they were like, ‘Hi!’ and ‘Oh, it’s Pewdiepie’.

— Jae

Jae couldn’t believe it: “And I was like, ‘No, it’s not’.” After that short sentence was uttered, PewDiePie disappeared from the room right away.

Despite the abrupt ending, Jae had fond memories of the interaction, calling it “funny”.

If you want to see the full conversation between Jae and AleXa, check out the video below!