Solo Forever Or Back To DAY6? DAY6’s Jae Shares His Future Plans

Fans have been speculating whether Jae will leave DAY6 for quite some time…

As DAY6’s Jae diligently builds his solo career without the help of JYP Entertainment, many have been left wondering whether the star will stay with his group when their contracts expire. Now, in a new interview with ET Canada, Jae gives fans a concrete answer on his future plans.

Jae has long been open and vocal about the difficulties of his idol career as well as the highlights. In a Twitter Spaces session back in August, he revealed to fans that his agency (JYP Entertainment) has never helped him manage his solo career, even standing in his way by refusing to approve his YouTube career. Then, during a recent Instagram live broadcast, fans interpreted some of Jae’s comments as a sign that he’s planning on leaving DAY6.

DAY6’s Jae | @eajpark/Instagram

I just want to make it very clear that you have won this war, you have won this battle, you have made me realize you’re right I don’t belong here. You’re right. You’ve won. You’re gonna get what you want. Just give me time to make it work.

— Jae

Jae went on to explain that he’s “worked so hard” to help DAY6 succeed, particularly through social media marketing, which is why it’s so hurtful when people accuse him of “causing harm to the team.” He also revealed that he felt “left out” when he wasn’t invited to join DAY6’s subunit, Even of Day.

DAY6 | JYP Entertainment

You’re gonna get what you want, I promise. Just give me time. I can’t just get up and leave. It doesn’t work like that, guys.

— Jae

However, a few weeks later, he did hold another live broadcast to reassure fans that he wasn’t planning on taking any drastic action.

| @eajpark/Instagram

I’m totally good. Don’t… I don’t know where this all came from. I’m chillin’. Don’t worry about me. I’m not going to do anything crazy. Sh*t happens. It’s fine. It’s just how life goes on… We’re all good. No one’s doing anything crazy. Okay?

— Jae

Now, he’s giving MyDays a far more concrete answer to the question of whether he’ll be leaving the group. In a new interview with ET Canada, Jae was asked whether he plans to continue on solely as a soloist or return to activities with DAY6.

| JYP Entertainment

Where are you taking this all? Is it going to be you solo forever? Do you think you might go back with DAY6 or maybe with someone else? What do you think?

ET Canada interviewer

But Jae was quick to clarify: “Oh, I’m still in DAY6.” Much to the joy of MyDays, he added, “I think I always will be in DAY6, to be completely honest with you.” Across social media, fans have been expressing their happiness that Jae seems to be in a good place and is looking forward to a future with the rest of his group.

Jae went on to explain to ET Canada that the reason he’s currently inactive as a member of DAY6 is that his fellow members are “currently preoccupied with some other business that they have, that they’re attending to.” However, he also let everyone know that once all the members are ready to get back to group promotions, DAY6 is likely to make a grand return.

| @eajpark/Instagram

So, once everyone is ready to go, I think that’s when DAY6 is gonna make a big splash back into the industry.

— Jae

So, what’s the plan until then? Jae says he’ll carry on doing his part as a member of DAY6. By making himself more relevant, he says, he’ll be able to help keep DAY6 relevant until their comeback too.

In other happy news, Jae also recently announced he’ll finally be returning to Twitch:

DAY6’s Jae Announces That He Will Return To Streaming Almost A Year After Leaving Twitch