DAY6’s Jae Teases That We Might Finally Be Getting An eaJ Album

It’s coming soon!

DAY6‘s Jae (also known as eaJ) just teased his solo album!

Jae at 88rising’s “Head In The Clouds” music festival. | @dnguyenphotography/Instagram

American Rapper Kevin Abstract recently tweeted his desire for a collaboration with American singer-songwriter Dominic Fike. It’s a collab that Jae is 100% here for too.

After Jae replied to Kevin’s post, a MyDay (fan of DAY6) replied to Jae, saying what we all have been thinking. We need a Jae solo album too!

Jae not only responded to the fan’s request, he quote tweeted, saying, “Soon!” This means we will finally be getting an entire eaJ album, yes!

MyDays everywhere couldn’t be more excited about the news. 2022 is already preparing to be amazing.

| @eaJPark/Twitter

Does this mean we will get a physical album as well? Photocards? We have lots of questions, Jae!

This month, Jae performed at 88rising‘s 2021 Head In Clouds music festival (HITC) despite having no official solo songs on music distribution platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Fans listen to his music as eaJ through SoundCloud and YouTube.

We’re hoping that soon we’ll be able to hear his music everywhere!

Source: @eaJPark