DAY6 Opens Up About The Message Behind Their New Album And Their Future Goals

They’re hoping to see fans face-to-face again soon.

DAY6‘s newest album, The Book of Us : Negentropy, is the final installation of their “Book of Us” album series, but DAY6 have made one thing clear: their story is still continuing.

In an interview with Sports Donga, the DAY6 members (sans Sungjin, who is currently serving his mandatory military duties), opened up about what the album means for them and what they hope their fans take away from it, and where they wish to go from here.

The title song, “You Make Me,” sounds fresh and new, different from DAY6’s previously released title songs.

It carries the message of having faith in love, and even if it is likely to break or collapse, it is said that if you have love, you can keep walking. In terms of sound, the rhythmic part was contained, but in the chorus part, we expressed our own melody. It would be nice if [fans] felt that that the title song is suitable for the completion of the book series. We would like it to be remembered as a hopeful song to many people, but also a song that embraces the music and theme from the book series.


Now that the book series is over, the band wants to keep making music that offers messages of comfort and sympathy for their fans, a safe space for them to turn to.

A still from the “You Make Me” music video. | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

With this new album, they are hoping they will get the chance to see their fans face-to-face for the first time in over a year!

We’re ready to see you with new music, so I hope you’ll wait. First of all, I want to be faithful to what I am doing: making good music, singing and listening to more songs.

–Young K

Each member then picked which song they’d like to play for their fans once they are reunited.

Jae: “”Zombie.” I want to tell my fans that tomorrow will be a better day than today.”

Young K: “”Time Of Our Life.” It’s a song I wrote while thinking about concerts. The feelings when we play this, when we sing, and when you hear it in the audience will be tremendous.”

Wonpil: “The song I really want to play is “Zombie.” When I hear it at the concert hall, I am worried that my voice will not come out because I’ll be so overwhelmed and crying.”

Dowoon: “I want to convey my consolation and sympathy by playing “Everyday We Fight” for [our fans] who have fought hard for their dreams.”

Hopefully MYDAY will get to see DAY6 face-to-face very soon!

Source: Sports Donga