DAY6 Shares Spoilers About Their Upcoming Album During Live Broadcast

It’s going to be emotional! 🥺

DAY6 is finally back! Sungjin, Jae, and Wonpil got together for a live broadcast to catch up and talk to fans about their upcoming album. With no staff present, the boys were very comfortable. Seemingly comfortable enough to share some spoilers that they may not have gotten away with otherwise. Being the unbothered kings that they are, they let a lot spill.


Fans asked if we’d get to hear Dowoon sing and the members confirmed that we will hear more of the drummer’s singing! They also revealed that the title track will be in English. While it is not a breakup song, it will be emotional.


Wonpil said he really likes the title song’s instrumental intro. They also shared that there will be a lot of songs on this album, most of them being emotional but with one especially exciting song. Two of the songs have been saved up for this album for a long time.

They even gave a little sneak peak of a melody which could possibly be from the title track. You can check out the clip below.

Source: @jaehyungiee_ and DAY6