DAY6’s Sungjin Opened A Twitter Account And Got Trolled Hard By Jae And Dowoon

They welcomed him with open arms…and some trolling:

DAY6‘s Sungjin finally joined Twitter and was welcomed with open arms…and lots of trolling!


On August 8, Sungjin sent out his first tweet which read, “Let’s make sure to eat our meals!” The message was not only a sweet message to My Day but a hilarious play on his nickname “Bob” from the children’s show Bob the Builder since his nickname sounds like the Korean word for rice or meals.


His appearance on Twitter, of course, was not missed by Dowoon and Jae who decided to welcome their leader…by trolling him! Minutes after Sungjin was welcomed onto Twitter by fans, Dowoon welcomed him with an old throwback gif that caused a lot of laughter from My Day.


Jae, on the other hand, opted for designing a brand new profile photo for Sungjin by incorporating the default Twitter profile picture à la egg and adding a yellow builder hat on top!


Followed by his creative profile creation, Jae sent Sungjin another welcome!


Meanwhile, when Sungjin saw the welcoming messages from Dowoon and Jae he couldn’t help sending a, “What’s this?” back at them!


With one hilarious Twitter interaction already covered, fans can’t wait to see what else they’ll get up to together on the site! Meanwhile, DAY6 is preparing to kick off their Gravity world tour on August 9 in Seoul before heading to Daegu and Busan, followed by cities all over the world!