DAY6’s Wonpil Might Finally Be Getting A Kiss Scene In “Best Mistake” Web Drama And MyDays Are Shook

“It BETTER come true!”

On July 21, it was revealed that DAY6‘s Wonpil as well as former IZ*ONE member Kang Hye Won and CIX‘s Hyunsuk were in talks to appear in the web drama “Best Mistake” for its third season!

While it hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet, JYP Entertainment revealed that Wonpil’s participation is currently under positive discussions.

On the 21st, a JYP Entertainment official revealed during a call with Topstar News that ‘Wonpil was positively discussing the casting offer in the web drama Best Mistake.

— Reporter Sang Hyun-ho from Topstar News

In addition, Wonpil himself sent out a message on Bubble claiming he’d soon be saying goodbye to Haram (the character he is currently portraying in the musical Midnight Sun) and hello to Yeseok, the role he may soon be playing!

Of course, MyDays were extremely excited to hear the news and began digging into the original source material to see what the character is like. After comparing the two side-by-side, they knew that Wonpil would be absolutely perfect for the part of Do Yeseok!

However, a few fans stumbled upon something quite shocking – the fact that Wonpil might finally be getting a kiss scene! It turns out that Yeseok definitely locks lips with a female character in the web comic.

MyDays everywhere have been taking it quite well. In fact, some are excited that Wonpil might *finally* get to kiss a girl in his acting career, as he only did a ‘stage kiss’ (AKA using the art of ‘clever positioning’) in Midnight Sun.

Are you ready to see Wonpil in action?




Source: Topstar News