DAY6’s Young K Opens Up About How Difficult Expressing His Emotions Through Singing Was For Him As A Trainee

He reminisced about his trainee days, and shared his wisdom with his fans!

DAY6‘s Young K recently opened up about a lesson he learned as a trainee!

Young K

Young K recently shared his playlist on KBS‘s Youtube channel, and his theme was to present a comforting playlist for the channel’s viewers!

One of the songs he selected was Yoo Jae Ha‘s “My image reflected in my heart”, and commented on how he sang this song for a vocal lesson when he was a trainee under JYP Entertainment!

This song was my vocal lesson.

—Young K

He then spoke about how he tried to sing the song his way, by adding flairs and other vocal techniques to it, when his teacher told him that singers truly prove themselves when they can deliver a song with simplicity and emotion. Young K recalled how he tried to sing it simply, but failed to deliver the song with the raw emotion and skill of the original singer!

I used to add many vocal techniques when I sing and try to decorate the sound. But the teacher said, ‘A good singer is the one who can sing simple and heart-touching songs like this well.’ I sang the song with the mind that it won’t be hard as it’s not high or a complicated beat. But…wow.

It was very hard and awkward. I was really bad at it. This song, album, and singer made me think a lot.

—Young K

Young K then played another song, “Standing Under The Shade Of A Roadside Tree” by Lee Moon Sae, and while praising the song to be “truthful”, shared that the more he practiced singing these songs, the more he began to think about his attitude towards music in general.

What I felt as I practiced more is that the attitude towards music is very important. I used to sing trying to impress others, but now I try to sing in a way that I’m telling a story that I want to tell.

—Young K

And fans can surely feel his efforts, especially with DAY6’s amazing discography, and his own solo album, Eternal!

Listen to his debut track, “Guard You”, here!

Source: Youtube