DAY6 Young K’s Reaction To Being Accepted Into KATUSA Has MyDays Even More Emotional

He found out during a radio show broadcast!

Even though DAY6‘s Young K just announced his enlistment recently, he found out he would be joining KATUSA almost a year ago!

Young K from DAY6. | @from_youngk/Instagram

KATUSA applicants are notified about their acceptance in November, meaning that Young K had known about his future enlistment branch since then! MyDays found a clip of Young K back in November 2020, the day the results were released, where he appears to be super excited after getting accepted.

Young K on Music Gathering. | Naver NOW

Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon were broadcasting their Naver Now show Music Gathering when Young K suddenly got up from his seat and left the room. When he came back in, Dowoon asked him something and Young K started beaming!

Dowoon from DAY6. | Music Gathering/Naver Now 
| Music Gathering/Naver Now  

Unfortunately, there is no audio since the radio show was currently playing music over the idols. But based on the date it was recorded and Young K’s enthused response, MyDays are confident this was when he found out he was accepted!

| Music Gathering/Naver Now  

This news has MyDays even more emotional than before as they reflect on how hard Young K has worked since finding out where he would enlist. That same month, Young K began hosting the radio show DAY6 Kiss The Radio. He later released music with DAY6 as well as with the sub-unit Even of Day. Young K also consistently posted covers on their YouTube channel and even has a solo album coming out this year.

Young K has certainly worked very hard for MyDays in preparation for his enlistment. Even though we’ll miss him very much, we couldn’t be more proud of him and are thankful to have him!

Source: 후추탕, Instagram and DeKiRa