DAY6’s Young K Made His Solo Debut—Here’s How It’s Inspired By His Name

He talked about his new start as a solo artist!

DAY6‘s Young K made his solo debut with the album Eternal and accompanying title track “Guard You”, and he held a press conference for his new solo start!

Young K | JYP Entertainment

At the press conference, Young K talked about his new album, which is his last bit of promotion before he enlists in the military to carry out his mandatory military service.

He revealed that his album is meant to convey his thoughts on Kang Younghyun [his birth name] as a person, and also attempts to talk about his stage persona that fans are more familiar with, Young K [his stage name].

| JYP Entertainment

Young K then said that he was the one who came up with the idea for his album, and named it in a way that connected to his birth name, Kang Younghyun!

The name for my recent print is derived from my Korean name ‘Young Hyun.’ I gave a minor tweak to the words and changed it to ‘young-won,’ which translates into eternal, the name of my album.

—Young K

You can listen to Young K’s new lyrical masterpiece, “Guard You”, here!

Source: The Korea Herald