DAY6’s Young K Wins Special “Best Warrior” Award During KATUSA Military Service

He is an all-rounder!

DAY6‘s Young K (Kang Younghyun) is a man of many talents!

His vocal skill is out of this world…

… and he’s a superstar when he plays the bass!

He’s shown MyDay his dance moves…

…and since enlisting on October 12, 2021, Young K is the first K-Pop idol to serve in the elusive KATUSA (Korean Augmentation To the United States Army) program, serving as a liaison between the Republic Of Korea (ROK) and United States armies.

Young K studies a map for a challenge in the Best Warrior Competition | Taylor Gray/U.S. Army

On May 17, Young K added a new feat to his wide array of achievements— winning the Best Warrior Competition during his military enlistment.

2022 Eighth Army Best Warrior and Squad Competition Announcement | @eightharmy/Instagram

According to coverage from the U.S. military’s news source Stars and Stripes, Young K competed against 49 soldiers from KATUSA and the U.S. Army in a series of formidable and strenuous challenges to win the award.

U.S. and KATUSA soldiers competed for the title of Best Warrior and Best Squad by going through events like a water survival skills test, small arms qualification, an eight-mile march, land navigation and obstacle courses, knot-tying assessments and military knowledge tests.

—Stars and Stripes

Young K practices military arms handling | U.S. Army

Young K made the decision to compete on a whim after being encouraged by his military colleague.

I made the decision that night, […] Because my only goal in the Army was to have a healthier body, just to build a better one, because I feel like I haven’t been taking care of [it] before.

—Young K

MYDAY are super proud of Young K’s achievements!

Young K will complete his military service on April 11, 2023.

Source: Stars and Stripes and Eighth Army

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