DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful” Tops The Charts Three Years After Its Release

Congrats, DAY6!

Three years after its release, DAY6′s “You Were Beautiful” suddenly jumped up the charts and ranked at number 1.

It started off being ranked at 52nd on the MelOn Charts at 1 AM KST, January 14, 2020. At 8 AM on the same day, it ranked at 92, but then started rising again. As of now, the three-year-old song sits at number 1.

People are saying that the reason for the sudden surge of popularity for the song was word of mouth. A Korean online community posted the song as a recommendation, and people started praising the song.

Thanks to the attention given by netizens, the members posted thank you messages onto their thank you’s to their social media accounts.

Young K’s message (Left), Wonpil’s message (right)

Young K‘s Instagram story update says,

What’s going on? Seriously, thank you so much!

And Wonpil‘s Instagram story update simple says,

Thank you!

These two members participated in writing and composing the song. “You Were Beautiful” was released in February of 2017.

Source: Daum