DAY6’s Sungjin Hopes To Focus On Music Rather Than Rankings

This is what you call talent!

DAY6 held their third full-length album The Book Of Us: Entropy showcase on October 22 at the YES24 Live Hall in Seoul.


We are so honored to be able to release our third studio album. This album is an extension of our previous album series. The new album is about what happens after a relationship.

— DAY6

Sungjin commented, “We ranked number 1 for the first time on a music show program. We have a lot to offer in terms of our music. We want to focus more on being able to help and inspire others through our music rather than on music rankings.”

DAY6 is known to be a multi-talented K-Pop band as they work together throughout the entire process of making an album. They contribute to the writing and producing of songs as well as playing instruments.

The album consists of the title song, “Sweet Chaos” for a total of 11 songs.

Take a look at the teaser below!


Source: starmt