Club Owned By Shaun’s Agency Revealed To Be Closely Connected To Burning Sun

The club was also shut down.

While many clubs in Gangnam are receiving unsought gains from the Burning Sun Scandal, one club called MU:IN has closed its doors.

MU:IN opened in May 2017 and suddenly closed down its business in February 2019. The club was reported as having been registered as a “general restaurant” when it was, in fact, a club.


MU:IN sold alcohol and allowed their customers to dance to their music on a stage that was installed in the bar. Videos of people dancing on the stage at MU:IN could easily be found on social media.


Clubs that sell alcohol and allow customers to dance are subject to an additional 13% tax on top of the 10% tax that general restaurants must pay. Clubs including a few owned by Yang Hyun Suk and his brother have been accused of evading the additional 13% tax by registering their “club” as a general restaurant and it seems likely that this was the case for MU:IN as well.

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According to the registration data, the club was owned by a corporation called Eumjoogamuin listed under an address in Nonhyeon-dong. It turns out, the location of the address pointed to the DJ label DCTOM Entertainment, which manages the controversial artist, Shaun.


Moreover, the representative director, internal director and auditor of Eumjoogamiun were all employees of DCTOM Entertainment. One employee of MU:IN had even confirmed that the agency managed MU:IN during a phone call with Kuki News.

Kuki News claims that DCTOM Entertainment is the connecting link between MU:IN and Burning Sun. Park Seung Do, the head of DCTOM Entertainment, was also the music director for Burning Sun and DCTOM Entertainment was also listed as a partner on Burning Sun’s webpage. In addition, Burning Sun’s resident DJs were all managed under the YG umbrella as well as DCTOM.


MU:IN became known as “Burning Sun’s brother club” and the two clubs actually hosted weekly club and pool parties together since April 2018. Moreover, Seungri had promoted Shaun’s new song on his social media last July, at a time when he was under fire for his alleged chart manipulation.

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According to Kuki News, DCTOM Entertainment refused to answer questions about the issue and only stated that Eunjoogamuin and DCTOM were two separate companies. They added that they were also victims of the Burning Sun Scandal.

DCTOM Entertainment and Eumjoogamiun, which manages MU:IN, are two separate companies with different shareholders and executives. DCTOM DJs were paid to perform at MU:IN as they are in other events. They also received offers from Burning Sun and performed after receiving pay. Burning Sun and DCTOM are not related in any way.

ㅡ DCTOM Entertainment



Source: Kuki News

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