DEAN Fans Are Concerned As He Deactivates His Instagram

We should have seen it coming…

Remember when the South Korean alternative R&B singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer DEAN released a song about hating Instagram?

Well, it looks like there just might be some truth to that.

While DEAN’s fans have been hoping and praying for him to have a comeback, he shocked them by deactivating his Instagram account.

Many are concerned that we won’t ever hear a new album from DEAN… And some suspect that he is disappearing again due to the meme of him falling down the stairs that continue to circulate.

| @_.huang._.renjun._/TikTok

Others remain hopeful that this is all part of a greater plan of DEAN’s. Maybe his deactivation is actually a message.

Either way, we can’t say we weren’t warned.

Besides, this wouldn’t be the first time DEAN has deactivated his Instagram account. In 2016, he did the same thing, and many believe it was due to plastic surgery rumors.

Whatever the reason, we hope DEAN is okay. We will wait patiently for his comeback whenever he is ready.