IU And DEAN Are Finally Collaborating And We’re Beyond Excited

Dreams do come true 🙌

It’s no secret that solo artists DEAN and IU are fans of each other. IU has even covered DEAN’s popular song, “instagram.”

For the past five years, DEAN has been outspoken about his love for IU, always expressing his desire to do a collaboration with her. He has previously said that he has written songs for her in the hopes of one day collaborating.

Ever since DEAN was a guest on IU’s Palette tour a few years ago, we’ve been holding out hope that a collaboration would happen. Now, after patiently waiting, our dreams are coming true!

The track list for IU’s 5th full album LILAC has been released and we noticed a familiar name. DEAN is listed as being featured, as well as a writer and composer for one of the songs! We can’t wait to hear it.

LILAC is IU’s first full album after four years. It will include ten songs, including two title tracks. She was a writer on all the songs and has worked with producers, such as WOOGIE, Penomeco, and JUNNY.  It is scheduled to be released on March 25.

Source: IU and 130 Mood: TRBL