Dean reveals what he does to soothe his anxiety before a concert

It’s not an easy task performing in front of thousands of adoring fans and even the most popular artists need tricks to cool their nerves.

Even the most charismatic of performers like Dean have times of uneasiness before a performance.

In an interview with Chinese cellist and actress Nana Ouyang, the R&B singer revealed that he takes a shot of whiskey before going on stage, to help him relax and focus on his stage. That’s certainly one way to do it!

He also went on to speak about his inspirations for his music, which include movies that he’s watched, and his own experiences. Continuing to speak about his musical influences, he shared that his favorite artist at the moment is Kendrick Lamar.

He even spoke about wanting to get professional training in acting in order to improve his expression when performing!

Check out the rest of the interview below!