DEAN Snaps Back At Malicious Commenters Claiming He Has Sex With Fans

DEAN shot down their claims in the best way.

DEAN was attacked by malicious netizens who spread false rumors of how he would take fans to his studio to have sex with them.


Three netizens began a thread of post where they cursed out the rapper for being an unclean “a*shole” who takes advantage of his fans.


But DEAN had enough of the bad rumors as he put them on blast on his own Instagram Story by uploading a screenshot with a simple response: “When did I?”


Other netizens began spamming the three malicious commenters, condemning them for spreading false rumors and defamation of DEAN’s image. One of the commenters took to her Twitter account to write an apology letter to the public. She revealed that she apologized to DEAN and settled the matter.

“Apology Letter

Hello. I am [@_Princessexxxxx] that was featured on DEAN’s Instagram Story today.

I apologized to DEAN through DM, and if DEAN reads my message and believes I need to apologize more, I will do it.

I am writing this apology letter to everyone who was offended by my Tweets. I first apologize for spreading untrue facts and rumors as a joke. I am reflecting on my actions about cursing out DEAN with groundless rumors and talking about fake facts on the internet.

I am very sorry for hurting DEAN and his fans with my inappropriate language, and I am taking full responsibility for my mistakes. I will be more careful with my language and never purposefully spread wrong information that could hurt and anger others.

I apologize once more, and if anyone believes my apology letter is lacking or wrong, I will write it again. I am sorry.”

— @_Princessexxxxx


This isn’t the first time DEAN put haters on blast. He once uploaded a tweet from another hater who once accused him of sexual harassment.


The malicious commenter also apologized for her actions and uploaded a screenshot of DEAN’s response to her apology, where he warned her to never spread fake rumors again.

Source: TheQoo