(★BREAKING) Death Threats Made Against BLACKPINK’s Lisa for Their Upcoming Concert

They’re threatening to harm Lisa.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been targeted with death threat from anti-fans and BLINK’s around the world are trying to get YG Entertainment’s attention to make sure Lisa’s safety can be ensured.


One account, whose name very clearly attacks Lisa, made a threat towards her in their bio and accompanying picture. The account has since been deleted.


A second user on Instagram posted on their story about their co-conspirator’s account being deleted, but said that their “plan” wouldn’t be derailed because of an account deletion.


The user mentioned that even if his own account was deleted, that would not stop him from carrying out his threat against BLACKPINK.


He then targeted Yang Hyun Suk‘s personal Instagram account, taunting him, asking if he really wants to protect his artists.


BLINK’s were quick to notice the second account making the threats also very clearly disliked Lisa, cropping her out of group photos and making derogatory comments towards her on other posts.


BLINK’s are hoping YG Entertainment will take notice of these threats and work with authorities to ensure not only Lisa, but the entirety of BLACKPINK’s safety at future events.


YG Entertainment may have already begun to inform the parties involved, as BLACKPINK’s manager Jung Bo Kyung posted a picture of himself, taken by Lisa, with the hashtag #weprotectyou.

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