The Debut Concert Tickets Of This Rookie Idol Group Sold Out Within 2 Minutes

The 12-member girl group, LOONA, has hit the ground running!

The rookie girl group, LOONA, has proved their potential through their extraordinary ticket sales.


The group’s agency, BlockBerry Creative, has revealed that LOONA’s “LOONAbirth” concert, which will be held at the Olympic Park in Seoul on August 19th, completely sold out within just 2 minutes.


Rather than holding a concert post-debut, LOONA has attempted a new approach, holding their first concert pre-debut as part of their official debut.


And this approach turned out to be a complete success as the 2,432-seat arena of the Olympic Hall was completely sold out.


LOONA is a 12-member girl group who began their pre-debut project in October 2016 through sub-unit promotions, solo tracks, single albums and more. Their upcoming concert in August, however, will signify their official debut as a group.


Despite the fact that the group has not even officially debuted yet, the group as a whole seems to have developed a considerable fan base and has already established official fan club.


Moreover, two of the members, Hyunjin and Heejin, has appeared on the survival reality show Mix Nine and placed 18th and 4th respectively.


LOONA’s official debut will take place on August 19th so stay tuned to find out more about this highly-anticipated rookie group! In the meantime, check out this music video by LOONA 1/3, a sub-unit of LOONA!

Source: Edaily