Deezer Apologizes For Leaking A BTS Comeback Video

They accidentally leaked a video before the album’s release date.

Deezer has apologized for spoiling a “surprise” BTS prepared for ARMY.

Deezer, a French online music streaming service, mistakenly posted a video that was meant to be released after BTS’s new album dropped on February 21.

In this deleted promotional video, BTS tells ARMY they can now listen to MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 on Deezer. The members were dressed in never before seen outfits in a location that may be the set of a brand new music video.

The video was removed as quickly as it was posted, and Deezer has apologized for the mishap. “We removed the video as soon as we realised our mistake,” they wrote.

Fans are now discouraging their fellow ARMYs from reposting the leaked video, out of respect for BTS.

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